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March 2023


Wrigley's Garage takes your safety and your vehicle's health very seriously. That is why we perform our 44 Point Inspection with each oil change. It is our job to present you with the facts about the condition of your vehicle. This is just one of the many advantages of using a professional mechanic.

So let's spend a moment talking about the 44 Point Inspection AKA your vehicle's "health report". Wrigley's Garage provides you with a digital vehicle inspection typically by text. The purpose of this report is to provide you with images and recommendations in order to give you a chance to see and understand exactly what is wrong with your vehicle before deciding to approve a repair or service recommendation.

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Did you know that cars are made up of approximately 30,000 parts?

There are so many different parts in a car, it is almost impossible for the average car owner to know all of them. That's why it is so important to hire a knowledgeable technician to repair your car when there is a problem.

There is a lot of discussion about the value of professional service. Many think that professional service is overpriced and doesn't offer advantages that outweigh the cost differences. At Wrigley's we strive to help our customers make a well-informed decision, and this list is provided in that interest. We hope it helps.

  • Accuracy-We have the knowledge, supplies, tools and experience to get the job done quickly and accurately.
  • Records-We keep precise records of what has and has not been done-thus saving your hard-earned dollars.
  • Continuity of service-Having the same, well-trained eyes under the hood of your car or truck is important, consistency matters.
  • Longevity-It takes focus and understanding to ensure a vehicle keeps you on the road for many years without issue.
  • Convenience-Loaner cars, pick-up/delivery, service reminders and fast turnaround times ensure you don't have to waste precious time on the weekend acquiring materials and performing the work, or in a waiting area wishing you were doing something you love.
  • Overall Value-there are many things we address while working with our customers vehicles for free or with minimal charge while doing routine oil changes and maintenance, and with little price difference than you can do the job yourself
  • Relationship-when you need us, we are here for you. No delays or run-around, just results. We are here to help you every step of the way in your vehicle's journey.
  • Warranty- The quality parts we use come with the longest warranties in the business, should the need ever arise, which ensures you only pay to do the job one time

Your trust is extremely important to us. We do not make unnecessary recommendations; we base our recommendations on your vehicle's health inspection with your safety being the number one priority and your vehicle's required maintenance next in order of priority. Your vehicle is typically your second largest investment. You can trust Wrigley's Garage to do a quality job at a fair price. Our staff cares about you and your vehicle.


February 2023

You are driving down the road and you notice your temperature gage rising. Or worse yet you notice steam coming from under the hood.

What should you do if your vehicle overheats?

Wrigleys Garage Blog

Should I continue to drive my vehicle if it is overheating?
The short answer is NO. Engines can only take so much heat so when the systems that control the engine temperature fails you can expect some of the following things may happen: Bursting hoses, warped cylinder heads, broken head gaskets and other sensitive engine component damage such as sensors, belts and wiring.

Wrigleys Garage Blog

More than half of the total of number of faults in the operation of an automobile engine is associated with the loss of coolant.

  • Pull over as soon as safely possible
  • Turn off the vehicle
  • Call a tow truck and have your vehicle towed to your mechanic
  • Let the engine cool down at least 30 minutes before attempting to open the hood
  • Operate the vehicle for any longer than necessary to get safely pulled over
  • Add cold water to the radiator
  • Ignore the problem
Wrigleys Garage Blog

How Can You Prevent Overheating?
The best way to prevent overheating is with regular inspections and maintaining your vehicle's cooling system. Checking for potential leaks as well as checking hoses, the coolant level and the condition of the coolant and thermostat is part of Wrigley's Garage 44 Point Inspection.

Kelley Blue Book recommends flushing the coolant system and replacing it with fresh fluid every two years or 30,000 miles as a good rule of thumb. Flushing helps to prevent damage and extends the life of your vehicle.

Flushing your coolant at home is not recommended as it is extremely toxic to humans and pets. Even a small amount can cause illness. It also requires proper disposal of the old fluid.

Does the type of coolant matter?
Absolutely! Coolant provides multiple functions in your vehicle. It transfers heat out of the engine. It protects your engine from colder weather. It is a corrosion inhibitor. It lubricates the water pump and it reduces foaming. Using the OEM recommended coolant ensures that the specific formulation of the coolant aligns with your engine's components.

In Conclusion overheating can cause major damage to your vehicle resulting in costly repairs. Continuing to drive and ignoring the warning signs will only cause more damage. Regular inspections and preventative maintenance are key factors in protecting your investment.

Wrigley's Garage specializes in keeping you safe and on the road. Text us at 815-566-4232 to schedule inspections and service.

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